iOS users dominate mobile buying, spending 19% more than Android shoppers

According to a research conducted this week by retail customization firm RichRelevance, most mobile purchases are made by iOS users. As the study revealed, 92% out of 3.4 billion mobile shopping visits between April and December came from iPhone and iPad owners. This is a considerable increase from April, when the share of iOS mobile buyers was only 88%.

6 Responses to “iOS users dominate mobile buying, spending 19% more than Android shoppers”

  1. Miquel says:

    I think is unfair to compare IOS vs Android including phones and tablets, probably tablets users where Apple has more market share would use it to buy much more than phone users.

  2. qwerty says:

    This is most likely heavily influenced by iPad users. I will say that I did order a gift for a family member on my iPhone, was no trouble at all and just as easy as setting a reminder to do so.

  3. disel89 says:

    Not that hard to figure out. 95% of that 37% are part of the ‘sales’ to resellers that are still on the warehouse shelves.

  4. LieToMe says:

    But… but iPads only account for 63% of tablets, so… that can’t be right! These numbers HAVE to be wrong because of the VAST numbers of Android tablets out there!

  5. flyqaws says:

    I bet that a fair number of Android users hesitate to input their credit card numbers into their phone for an online purchase, considering how much malware there is out there on their platform.

  6. Newman says:

    Why is this a surprise. Android phones/tablets are priced cheaper and at a loss in some cases. Why is the fact that iPhone/iPad purchases spending more?
    If Apple is not beating Android in numbers, then beating them in spending is the next best stat.

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